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"“El más alto standard de salud es un derecho humano fundamental de todo ser humano”
Organización Mundial de la Salud

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on-site Checking

Dr Andrés Ortiz

To work in Venezuela is extremely challenging. We choose our partners carefully on the ground based on a series of strict criteria. Dr Andrés Ortiz plays a crucial role for us.  

Andrés is a practicing doctor based in Caracas, Venezuela.  He is both a General Practitioner and a Gastroenterologist. Graduated from Universidad Central de Venezuela, he has published several papers in Venezuelan and international journals. Andrés is a member of the Board of the Venezuelan Society of Gastroenterology.

In his capacity, Andrés provides on-site assurance that Healing Venezuela's programmes are executed properly.

agreements, inventories & Pictures

Our partners on the ground are vetted with a set of criteria to ensure transparency and commitment. We ask our beneficiaries to sign an agreement to guarantee that the material we donate will be used by medical professionals; and the shipments we send are verified against the original inventory once they arrive. We include a UK newspaper inside the boxes and it is then placed alongside a photograph of a Venezuelan newspaper to prove that the item has arrived in Venezuela.


Hay muchas formas de contactarnos: a través de las redes sociales, suscribiéndote a nuestra hoja informativa o escribiéndonos directamente a info@healingvenezuela.co.uk