Art auction | 2018

April 12, 2018

As part of our fundraising program, between April 12th and 28th 2018, there will an online auction taking place on Paddle8 with the works of more than 20 contemporary artists, most of them from Venezuela.

With the support of Henrique Faría Fine Art and Maddox Arts galleries, the results of the sale will be used to finance the shipment of medical supplies to Venezuela, which is the main role of our charity.

All the pieces will be exhibited at Maddox Arts between April 24th and April 26th thanks to the generosity of our friend Mario Palencia, our of the gallery.

It raised over £10,000!

Curated and vetted by Henrique Faria Fine Art and Maddox Arts, it raised over £10,000 bringing to London some of the best Venezuelan and international contemporary artists.
We would like to thank the wonderful gallerists: Henrique Faria and Mario Palencia for their enormous effort. Also, the incredibly efficient Eugenia Sucre, who made it all happen and the amazing artists, who participated: Lucia Pizzani, Renata Fernandez, Jaime Gili, Luis Romero, Oscar Abraham Pabón, Cipriano Martinez, Peter Griffins, Emilia Sunyer, Isabella Benshimol, Katherine Di Turi, Osvaldo Romberg, Lizi Sanchez, Emilia Azcárate, Juan Iribarren, Rodrigo Machado, Valentina Alvarado, Maria Teresa Gonzalez, Ivan Candeo, Emilio Chapela, Esvín Alarcon, Ramses Larazabal, Isabel Cisneros, Marylee Coll, Marina Bunimov, Susan Applewhite, Carlos Zerpabuenzueta, Diana Lopez, Andrés Michelena, Augusto Villalba, Piers Veness, Elizabeth Jobim, Marianela Perez, Luis Roldán and Mercedes Elena Gonzalez.
Take a look at the photos captured by David Racca at the opening reception.

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