Free Stress Management Workshop in Spanish

May 14, 2019
Central London

Even though Healing Venezuela’s main goal is to help Venezuelans who are in the country face the health crisis, we also want to play a role in building community and assiting whenever possible to Venezuelams emigrants living in the UK. This was the main reason for organising our first Stress Management Workshop in London. We are aware that an important part of us needs to find some relief to the constant concern and the deep sadness the situation of our country makes us feel.

The workshop consisted of 4 sessions given during four weeks between May 14th and June 4th, 2019 in central London. They were free thanks to the generosity of the group of Venezuelan professionals that offered their knowledge and experience without any cost. The workshop was all in Spanish. We had a group of 24 people attending, from different ages and backgrounds, but all of them from Venezuela.

This was a gratifying experience for the team of Healing Venezuela, and, according to the feedback we received, it made a positive difference for the attendees.

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