London to Brighton - Cycling for Venezuela

July 12, 2020

Rumba London supported by Healing Venezuela have teamed up on this occasion for a very special fundraising event to help the public health in Venezuela during this difficult time around the world. On the 12th of July an amazing group of cyclists will gather for a day full of fun and empathy, all with the same aim: to contribute and raise money for a country in urgent need during this pandemic.

Here are some of the wonderful and generous people who compose our team: Fermín Robertson, Roberto Prota, Raquel Dicuru, Sean Brennan, María Torres, Duncan Green, Rickard O'Connell, Owen Gibbons, Alfonso Mancera, Gus Salgueiro, Carlos Gutierrez, Carlos Mesa, Didier Velasquez, Gianfranco Guerini, Juan Carlos Roa, Juan Saavedra, Julio González, Otto Firnhaber, Sinai Rodrigues, Sofia Goncalves, Winifer Rodrigues, Johann Ugarkovic, John Palacios and Carlos Viscarra, among others.

Please join us! Have fun! And help us support the most vulnerables in our country! Thank you!

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