Marina, Laura and Mateo Running for Venezuela

December 4, 2020

This is us: Marina, Mateo and Laura. We are three crazy Spanish sport lovers who are looking to combine our passion for sports with our desire to help as many people as we can.

Thanks to having very close Venezuelan friends, we have realised the difficulties that a wonderful country such as theirs is going through and how many people are suffering unnecessarily. There are drastic shortages of both food and medicines, also, diseases such as diphtheria and malaria are re-emerging. This situation has significantly been worsened due to the unprecedented pandemia of Covid-19.

We have chosen "Healing Venezuela", a charity registered in the UK that is making a huge effort to help thousands of families and is working towards alleviating the health humanitarian crisis in Venezuela.

Help us, help them! is the charity challenge. We are going to run 300 km in 4 days between the three of us. That means..... 100 km per person. The route will consist of 25 km each day during 4 consecutive days around Cambridgeshire from the 4th to the 7th of December.

Sounds easy for Eliud Kipchoge, but for us it's a huge mountain to climb. Even if we admit that we are in good shape, this will test our stamina and determination to the limit.

We are very MOTIVATED to complete this terrific challenge. Even though we know the weather, fatigue and the distance can be an extreme challenge to face, nothing will stop us.

We always say “JUNTOS NOS HACEMOS MEJORES” which in english means together we are better. We will support each other during this journey but if you can help us, it will mean a lot. You may give us your support on this challenge but the most valuable thing is that with your money you will also be helping many people in need.

Your donation will make an enormous difference!

To donate please go to

Let’s do this together!!

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