Pop Up Buy Venezuelan 2nd Edition

September 21, 2019
St Columba's Church, Pont st., London SW1X 0BD.

The second edition of the Buy Venezuelan Pop Up was something really special.


Among the wonderful group of craftspeople who were present we want to highlight the work of some of them. JV Cobos, the creator behind Roraima Ceramics, makes by hand the beautiful pieces which remind us of some of the Venezuelan landscapes with their warm earthy colours.

Juan Franceschi also pays tribute to his Venezuelan heritage with the variety of teas and chocolates from his brand F. & Co. Cacao, made with Venezuelan cocoa, one of the best in the world.

Cristina Santos with her Puzzle Designs puts her creativity at work on her jewellery pieces, plated in silver and gold thought to emphasise feminine beauty.


In order to make the afternoon even more interesting, we put together some workshops focusing on women interests. Nelmari Cordero is a professional make-up artist and personal stylist who offered four workshops during our pop up. The participants were able to learn several tricks and about the ideal palette for your skin tone.

Another beauty expert was Amanda Michelena. With a degree from the London College of Fashion, she, along with our ambassador Patricia, helped buyers choose the best pieces from our pre-loved stand. This initiative also contributed with the #secondhandseptember for a cleaner planet. All proceeds were donated to Healing Venezuela.

Children’s activities

Because our Buy Venezuelan Pop Up is a family event we also included some activities for the young ones. At 2:30 there was a storyteller in Spanish from Puri Puri Tales who made it all more interesting with a sing-a-long. During the whole afternoon there were also a face painter with many wonderful designs to choose from. Sabbia Balloons and our dear Carmelina were there with her colourful balloons, because as she says “with each sold balloon, we’ll put a smile in Venezuela”. And, as one of our  several contributions to the environment, we offered the kids the possibility of decorating their own tote bag made out of natural fibres.


Fashion had to be part of our Buy Venezuelan Pop Up. That’s why we invited some of our friends to be there with us.

Wild by Janin Barboza, our famous ambassador’s line, was present with her most recent creations. Wild beasts and flowers make a great combination, together with the t-shirts presenting some of the iconic places she has visited on her trips.

Another ambassador with a beautiful line is Andreína Townsend and her brand Nina Carrasco Alpaca Collection. Her hand-made pieces reunite the long Peruvian tradition with current designs, specially created for the European market.

To complete the trio we had Udon Accessories with Thais Farina cotton jewellery pieces, thought for the modern woman who loves simple and easy to match accessories.

Good living

Harmony and good vibes make us happy and our Buy Venezuelan Pop Up is also about feeling good. That’s why we invited our trustee Thamy Ixer to bring her line of aromatherapy products, Apamate Scents. Her candles, reef diffusers and bath salts are all made with natural ingredients and thought to improve a healthy body and mind.

Maribel arts’ pieces also contributed in making us feel happier thanks to their beauty. All painted by hand, her works mirror her artistic talent and her interest in pointillism.

Fabiola Pongiluppin mixes colourful fabrics and wood in her handmade pieces, reflecting her heritage and her love for colourful designs. Her boxes, pens and frames are irresistible!

Work done by hand is also at the core of Dream, Papers & Scissors. Their love of paper and beautiful things, and the inspiration they got from their family events, made their party decoration project come true.


One of the reasons we love attending Venezuelan events it’s because there is always our delicious food, and the Buy Venezuelan Pop Up could be no exception. The Venecachitos team were there not only with the best cachitos (even better than the ones we used to eat in Venezuela!) but also with their Venezuelan pastelitos. Liqui Liqui joined us with its famous tequeños and its corn flour empanadas, with some new combinations Erika has prepared.

Healing Venezuela was in charge of the beverages, with soft drinks, Polar beer and tropical cocktails. To put some music to all this, our friend Chebeto Requena also joined us.

We had such a wonderful afternoon! Looking forward to the next one!

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