Préstame Tu Sofá Workshop, Madrid

September 14, 2019
Madrid, Spain

At Healing Venezuela we are very excited to have been present at for the first time in an event in Madrid. Our friend Nina Páez  hosted her workshop “Préstame tu sofá” (Let me borrow your sofa)  around the theme of courage.

“Préstame tu sofa” is an experiential workshop to put in practice what courage is. They talked and worked on exercises thought to develop your emotional management abilities and turn them into intellectual, physical and energetic tools. They dealt with:

-      Fears and limiting beliefs.

-      Gratefulness and affection.

-      Purpose vs actions

-      Healthy boundaries.

Nina is a Talent Development and Leadership coach, with 7 years of experience in improving and transforming personal and business experiences.

She took this opportunity to talk briefly about Healing Venezuela’s work, handing out brochures and encouraging the attendants to donate.

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