Ask your GP

Ask your surgery or your local hospital for any surplus medical supply they might have. We will happily go and collect them. To download the letter to send to your GP. Here is the list of Medical supplies we accept and also what we do not accept.

Medical Supplies accepted by Healing Venezuela

 Adhesive tapes

 Airways/Tracheostomy Tubes

 Aprons

 Baby Scales

 Bandages (all types)

 Bed Linen

 Blood Glucose Test Meters  (if Strips are available)

 Baby Food Formulas or BNF’s (up to 1 Year)

 Baby Food Formula or BNF’s for Children (up to 1 Year)

 Blood Pressure Monitors

 Catheters (Long/ Short Term)

 Emollient Creams

 Delivery Forceps

 Small Devices (All must be complete and in working order)

 Dressings

 Face Masks

 Gallipots

 Gauze

 Giving sets & cannulae

 Gloves (sterile and non-sterile)

 Kidney Dishes

 Lab Items (Slides, Bottles)

 Lancets

 Maternity/ Sanitary Pads

 Measuring Cups / Spoons

 Microscopes

 MIM’s (up to 1 Year old)

 Naso-Gastric Tubes

 Nebulisers

 Neck Collars / Wrist Braces

 Needles (including Butterfly/ Venflow)

 Plasters (all types)

 Saline for Irrigation only

 Scissors

 Shampoo

 Sharps/ Yellow Bins

 Small Surgical Instruments  (Forceps, tweezers, Vaginal Speculum etc.)

 Soap and Alcohol Hand Rub

 Spatulae

 Sphygmomanometers (not mercury)

 Stethoscopes/ Patella Hammers

 Sutures (all types)

 Swabs

 Syringes

 Test Strips (Colourimetric Blood and Urine)

 Theatre Drapes

 Thermometers (not mercury)

 Toothbrushes & Toothpaste

 Tourniquets

 Uniforms

 Wipes (Anti-bacterial and Alcohol Injection)

Items NOT accepted by Healing Venezuela


× NO Artificial Limbs

× NO Bladder Washout

× NO Callipers

× NO Colostomy Items/ Stoma Bags

× NO Crutches

× NO Enteral Feeding Sets or Syringes

× NO Incomplete Equipment

x NO Insulin Pen or Needles

× NO Leg braces

× NO MERCURY items  

× NO Specialised Appliances

× NO Syringe Drivers

× NO Ward/ Theatre Furniture

× NO Water or Saline for Injection

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