Why not organise your own event at work, at school, in your community or just with your family and friends? Share your favourite pastime with others, have a good time and help us raise awareness and funds to help those in need in Venezuela! Please download the complete Guideline and contact us to tell us about your idea.



  • Let us know what you have in mind. Let us know about your idea. Not only are we interested in knowing what kind of event you are planning, but we can share with you what we learned from previous experiences.
  • Fundraising platforms (Facebook, JustGiving, Virgin Money or others), send a sincere and personalised communication to your contacts, preferably by e-mail.  Fundraising platforms are very valuable tools but they are not enough. An email explaining why you are collecting money or staging an event and what this event means to you, along with a link to your fundraising platform is the best way to promote it.
  • Share the event regularly on social networks Social networks are excellent tools to advertise your event, but today they are oversaturated and move very fast. It is necessary to assemble 'posts' very often prior to the event, preferably in groups of people who may be interested in going, not only groups of Venezuelans, but also groups of Latinos and Salsa groups, for example.
  • Face to Face: Nothing is more effective than communicating face to face, inviting your friends, colleagues, acquaintances and family when you are with them is priceless.



  • Your guests will be distracted and having a good time at the event, so they can forget its initial purpose. Therefore, it is better to get their attention at the beginning, and if it is at the entrance, much better. Even if the event is free, it is best to have someone at the door explaining that there is no entrance fee but if they can make a donation, it will be welcome.
  • If you do not want to collect money at the entrance then try to do it during the event, either after giving a short speech or giving a presentation on your reasons for making a pro-fund event to help combat the medical crisis in Venezuela.
  • Just having the boxes on a table is not enough. You don’t want to make a huge effort organising an event that then does not necessarily give the fruits that you expected. You should encourage the attendees to be generous with our cause.
  • Raffles – If you are going to have raffles, it is preferable that they are additional to the donations and not substitutes. You can make a raffle as long as the winners are chosen during the event and in the public light. The raffle tickets are very economic and you get them in Rymans, WHSmith or any other bookstore.



  • Money Counting: Healing Venezuela has clear guidelines on collecting money in our name. The most important thing to remember is to maintain total transparency. If you are using a charity box, it must be opened in front of a witness and the money photographed and counted.
  • The money must be deposited in the Healing Venezuela bank account within a period of time not exceeding one week after the end of the event. We have an account at CAF Bank where you can make an online transfer:

Number: 00030579

Sort Code: 40-52-40

You can also transfer the money to our VirginMoney page. You will find it on our website

  • We should always be grateful to all those who supported us by introducing us to their premises, donating prizes for the raffles, giving us their time and work or their economic contribution. It is very important to send them thanks formally either by email or letter, but always in writing.

Contact us

There are many ways to contact us, through social media, subscribing to our newsletter, or writing to us directly at: info@healingvenezuela.co.uk

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