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According to the UN, children's malnutrition rate in Venezuela has reached a staggering 26%. Since 2018, Healing Venezuela has been providing two cooked meals and a healthy snack to 100 poor children at risk of malnutrition in Guaraunos, a rural village in Venezuela. Thanks to our supporters and the involvement of the community, the malnutrition rate in the village is now 4%, and children's health has improved. As the meals are given on the school premises, attendance has also increased.s


Venezuela has hyperinflation, and the basic food basket for a family of 4 now costs $500 a month. Official bodies like the UN's World FoodProgramme estimates that 1 in 3 families are food insecure and over 26% of children are malnourished. Our Guaraunos programme is in a very remote area where typical households have little or no access to food, healthcare or education.


Since 2018, Healing Venezuela has been providing two healthy cooked meals a day for 100 children. We monitor their physical health and general well-being every 3 months to make sure no one is falling behind. Our continuous assessments show that these 100 children have improved their health and also their school attendance. The aim of this project is to eradicate malnutrition in the village, improve the kids' health and encourage the parents to keep them in school.

Long-Term Impact

We started this project with a pilot of 43 children with severe malnutrition and have now expanded to 100. Through the collective involvement of the village, people are starting to see the possibility of developing their lives and becoming self-reliant. We are creating the conditions for agriculture development and water management. Long term, the food programme should no longer be needed in Guaraunos, and we can take this model on to other villages.

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