Children with Type 1 Diabetes

Scarcity of medicines, the exodus of doctors and the lack of health educational campaigns makes chronic diseases such as diabetes a real challenge for individuals and their families.

Type 1 diabetes is particularly difficult, especially for children who need to measure their glucose levels up to six times a day. At Healing Venezuela we are working with a local NGO, Guerreros Azules, that supports children from low-income families with type 1 diabetes, raising awareness of their condition and teaching them healthy habits. To date, we have sent over 20 glucose meters and more than 10,000 glucose test strips to Guerreros Azules, who distribute the supplies at the children's hospital JM de los Rios. We are also paying treatment for 7 children with Type 1 Diabetes and sponsor an endocrinologyst in a rural area of the country (Barinas state) to raise awareness on the disease.

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