HIV and Cancer Tests

The goal of our 2019 Giving Tuesday campaign is to raise £5000 to sponsor high-spec cancer and HIV lab tests, for the project with our partners Fundación Vida, a Venezuelan NGO.

The shortage of medical supplies in Venezuela has its effect also on the availability of lab tests. The scarcity and high cost of the reagents make these tests unaffordable for most of the Venezuelan population. With a minimum salary of $5 a month it couldn’t be otherwise. These lab tests are essential for some patients. In some cases they mean the start of an adequate treatment, in some others a necessary step for a treatment review. For leukemia patients, most of them children, these lab tests are indispensable to find a possible donor for a bone marrow transplant. HIV patients require the tests to know the effect of their treatment, a particularly important aspect considering the high mutability of the virus.

Our collaboration with Fundación Vida dates from 2017 and through it we have been able to sponsor more than 200 high- spec lab tests, which in many cases have been the first step to a successful treatment or a live-changing transplant.The dedication and generosity of the team behind Fundación Vida goes far beyond what is required.

They have even been our advisors in questions regarding the Venezuelan health crisis, sharing the knowledge that their presence in the country allows them.Their reports are a perfect example of clarity and punctuality.

The 1,000 £5 donors we are aiming to reach will cover the cost of more than 40 lab tests, for adults and children, most of them cancer patients. Follow our campaign on social media to get an idea of how important this project is. Donate and spread our message. Help us help them.






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