Teenage Pregnancy

The latest official data published by the Venezuelan Ministry of Health on maternal and child mortality were from 2016. Since then, there has been no official reporting but the trends observed at the time were alarming. Maternal deaths were 65.4% higher than in 2015. Of that percentage most were teenagers. UNICEF data also indicate a significant increase in infant mortality rates.

Teenage pregnancy in particular jeopardises young women possibilities to participate in economic activities, to be independent and to be a productive force in society.

In partnership with ALAPLAF, a Venezuelan NGO in Barquisimeto founded in 1976 and with a solid track record, we are tackling the alarming growth of teenage pregnancies and maternal deaths in Venezuela. To date, we have sent more than 1600 IUD coils, Syphilis, HIV and pregnancy tests plus gloves, forceps and speculum.

We are also starting to send menstrual cups which are needed in a country where all sort of supplies are scarce.

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