Water plants

Since2019 we have been installing water filters in several hospitals in the area ofCaracas.

This effort started when at the JM de los Rios hospital they noticed that a high number of inpatients admitted developed gastro-intestinal infections while staying at the hospital, which in most cases worsened their condition. When doctors in charge started investigating, they soon realised that the water used for cooking in the hospital kitchens was not drinkable.

So far we have installed water filters at three hospitals: JM de los Rios, MaternoInfantil de Caricuao, and Vargas, all of them high-density hospitals in the area of Caracas.

By installing the water filters we are not only helping the patients but also the visitors and doctors, thanks to a separate tap that was installed to allow for easy access.

The filters are built in Venezuela and adapted to the needs of each institution, with some parts bought in the country and some imported. Once the filter has been installed, the team in charge receives a maintenance training programme and additional tools that allow them to measure the water’s ph level and the amount of solids in the water, which is essential to ensure the correct performance of the filter.

Installing this kind of equipment has a tremendous effect on the population, and it is the type of investment that we would like to keep on doing in the future.

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